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Harris and Glenmore Development Site Servicing  

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MATSQUI COMMERCIAL: Harris and Glenmore Development Site Servicing  

Matsqui First Nation

Jeff Mayer
(778) 694-4560

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Matsqui IR2 (near Abbotsford)

April 2018

April 2020

Project Details

Matsqui First Nation (MFN) plans to redevelop a parcel of land into a highway commercial development, including an eight-pump gas station, a 20-seat café, and a small convenience store. The land is located on the northwest corner of Harris Road and Glenmore Road, on Matsqui IR2 (adjacent to the City of Abbotsford). The site is on a floodplain and requires floodproofing prior to development.

Project Services and Scope

Arrowhead is working with MFN to repurpose underutilized lands into a commercial development.   Project development services Arrowhead is providing include:

  • Construction of sanitary sewer, site drainage, and water servicing
  • Solicitation of compatible site ownership
  • Preparation of a tender-ready package, including contract and drawings

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