Our goal is to leave project legacies we are proud of.

Today, we work with companies and communities with whom we have strong relationships, built on a foundation of trust and the alignment of core values.

We also welcome inquiries from others who share the same values and commitment to meaningful community and industry engagement in pursuit of social and business success.

Current Projects


Road realignment on East Shuswap Road in Kamloops, BC. Services included clearing and grubbing of trees and light brush; stripping of organic materials; removal of existing asphalt; earthworks for the new road alignment; placement of granular road structure; placement of asphalt; installation of Concrete Roadside Barrier (CRB); line painting.

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Redeveloping a parcel of land into a highway commercial development. Services include construction of sanitary sewer, site drainage, and water servicing; solicitation of compatible site ownership; and preparation of tender-ready package.

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Repurposing underutilized lands into a sports field and lots for future housing development. Services include development-design concepts; elevation of existing grade; and intersection and site-access design.

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Completing preconstruction site preparation for BC Hydro’s new Operations Facility in Pemberton. Services include bulk earthworks; detail excavation; site servicing; shallow utilities; retaining-wall construction; and contaminated soil remediation.

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